Why Don't You Ask the Boy If Jesus Heals the Sick Today


Why Don't You Ask the Boy If Jesus Heals the Sick Today by George Watkins

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be touched and healed by Jesus? What was it like to look into the eyes of pure love? Why don't we ask some of those who were there. Those who met Jesus and had their lives changed forever.
Come for a moment, into the pages of this wonderful book as the author, through the gift of imagination, takes us into the mind and passions of some who were healed by Jesus.
Stand among the crowded, dusty streets of Jericho as blind Bartamaeus cries out to Jesus for help. Catch the excitement of the crowd when the beggar throws off his robe and meets Jesus for the first time.
Listen to the passionate prayers of Jairus as he prays for his dying daughter. Then travel with the small group of the faithful when they go in with Jesus to raise her from the dead.
George Watkins not only successfully takes us into the lives of those who were healed by Jesus, but then concludes this powerful book by succinctly teaching from the Holy Scriptures themselves what is said about divine healing for today. Then in clear and simple steps the author tells you how to prepare for and receive your own healing today.

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