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Hey friends! We are so excited to tell you about something exciting that we are launching with our friend, Pastor Isaac Hernandez, who is based in Portland, OR.

We are launching an International Supernatural Ministry Intensive School. This would be a 9-week school that would teach and train on how to Prophesy, Minister Healing, Five-Fold Leadership Thinking, Kingdom Thinking, Evangelism, Kingdom Identity and more. This school would be a mix of online videos and live Zoom teaching for 8 weeks.

International School will begin June 3rd and go for 8 weeks online. We are asking all students to arrive in the US at PDX (Portland International Airport in Portland, OR) on July 22nd to continue teaching and attend graduation in person. Our last meeting together in person would be the night ofJuly 30th.

Homework during the first 8 weeks will be approximately 10 hours a week, PLUS the live 3 hour online meeting each week.

The last week (the 9th week) would actually be about 9 days, here in the United States at our church and Issac’s church. This would be just over a week of in person training, teaching, impartation, hands on ministry, conference, cross pollination, networking, Revival Service and a great graduation party. We would also include a day of sightseeing.

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Cost for the school is $1,000 (American) PLUS the cost of travel and expenses (Students are responsible for their own airfare, etc.). We will try to facilitate the opportunity to stay with host families and try to minimize eating and travel costs while in the US, but I would suggest bringing extra money for fun and possibly eating out. However, I can NOT guarantee that we can cover costs. Or if you prefer to get a hotel and/or rental car, this would be at the student’s expense.

God is on the move here and we want to release that globally! This is a great opportunity for you or the people that you lead to take ministry to another level! Please feel free to email me with questions. Here is the registration link if you would like to register. Attendance will be limited to those that register first.

I hope that you can join us for this amazing opportunity of training and bringing you together with believers from around the world!

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